1多様な世代が集うにぎわいのある団地Public Housing Complexes that Gather Various Generations



Most large-scale public housings cater to families who raise their children most of their dependent lives within the premises. As the Japanese society experiences a rapid low birthrate, and therefore, increasingly saturated elderly population, there has been a tremendous decline in community interaction, and service function of the neighborhood. Our aim is to welcome young residents of different professions and backgrounds in order to establish a dynamic public housing complex for various generations.


2地域の特性をいかした快適な団地Comfortable Public Housing Complexes That Adapt to Local Characteristics


Excellent accessibility and a comfortable environment are requirements for building a large-scale public housing. Our goal is to redesign comfortable public housing complexes that adapt to local characteristics, while considering their particular surroundings.


3豊かな都市環境と安全安心を備えた団地Safe and Secure Public Housing Complexes with an Affluent Urban Environment





Old residences, originally developed with a high level of security against crime and fire, are now facing problems of aged infrastructure and the gradual weakening of self-reliance within communities. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, these issues especially, have become pressing concerns that called for the increasing importance of safety measures against natural disasters. Crime prevention for the elderly and children is also another issue, in addition to the ecological changes. Security measures are crucial in urban planning that must consider the structure of large-scale housings and their local demography. Our vision, therefore, is to reconstruct safe and secure public housing complexes with an affluent urban environment.


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