Large-scale public housing complexes in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, which have been existing for about forty years, and have been facing unanticipated problems, are characterized by their spacious design with well-planned parks, greenbelts, and pathways between buildings. One entire complex itself can be called a “town.” The future of these complexes has a great impact not only on local communities, but also on the overall urban development of the Metropolitan area.

Based on this premise, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has approved a new organization that would assist in the redevelopment of such large-scale housing complexes to enhance vigor and an attractive lifestyle in the local communities, while flexibly addressing the drastic socio-economic changes.

Our organization is a group of dedicated experts from various fields—architecture, design, medicine, law, and more—who work together to make the domestic life in the Japanese public housing complex more comfortable, convenient, and sustainable.